Unna Äkäslompolo

Work experience and education

My two passions are tourism and marketing. Here I have selected the most important and relevant work experience to be examples of the work environments I have used to operate in. If you are interested in my complete work history, please check out my full CV in Linkedin https://fi.linkedin.com/in/unnaakaslompolo.

Seasonal Visitor Advisor and Social Media updater

Location: Naantali Tourist Information

I have gained strong team and office work skills from Naantali Tourist Information. My main duties were updating their website, instagram and facebook. I also succeeded to carry out excellent customer service. I served approx. 100 customers a day during the hectic summer season with great feedback both from my customers and my colleagues..

Marketing assistant internship

Location: Logomo Oy

Internship postion in the Turku city largest event venue. I produced over 15 pieces of adverts of the upcoming events using Adobe Photoshop. I also made the layout for 3 manuals with InDesign and several posters and instruction boards with Illustrator. I learned how to effectively use the material I was given, develop my visual eye and carry out top-notch quality marketing material.

Marketing project manager and blogger

Location: Naantali Theatre

Marketing project for Naantali Theatre’s play included writing content to blog, facebook, creating adverts and leaflets, writing a press release. Screenwriting, directing and assisting post-editing the play’s trailer. I got important experience how to administrate the big picture, how time everything and importance of contacting essential co-operation partners.

Local TV news insert reporter internship

Location: Turku TV

I was responsible of producing inserts for the daily local news. I interviewed people, disentangled the material, made a voice-over and helped to post-edit the material. I learned the importance of details and developed my brain power in a fast-pace newsroom environment. The quality that I most value from this experience is he knowledge of how to dig out the essential info from a large amount of data.

Bachelor of Tourism Management

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

Haaga-Helia is a great school with good opportunities to work with real-life cases on selected study field. I learned to create relationships, and the importance of having an extensive net of co-operation partners and contacts. Writing reports was important part of the studies and it has been very helpful later on to be able to handle great amounts of data. I also completed exchange studies in Switzerland. I graduated on 2011 with excellent grades.

marketing communications

Turun Aikuiskoulutuskeskus

School work consisted mainly learning the up-to-date info about social media and digital marketing platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, AboutMe, Twitter, Facebook etc. My focus was on learning to use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesing. I had marketing project with Naantali Theatre play running alongside with my studies, so I learned how to multitask and manage my timetable efficient way. I graduated in 2014.

Course in Radio and tv-journalism

Helsingin Evankelinen Opisto

Radio and TV-journalism course in 2007-08. Studies consisted of extensive amount of writing, photographing, filming and performing in front of a camera. We did many group projects for our practice radio channel Trombit which we run like a real radio station for one month in the Helsinki region. I learned to use my creativity and produce interesting digital and visual material using different technology.

Public Relations studies in England

University of Sunderland

I studied Public Relations in University of Sunderland, North East of England for one year in 2006-07. Studies consisted courses in both PR and journalism. I did lot of practical studies as well in form of writing press releases and pieces of news in our classes. I got invaluable experience of communicating both in spoken and written English and I value my year abroad because it also taught me important life lessons and intercultural communications.


About me as an employee

Innovative, hard working, creative and reliable
Here you can check out my skill set and personal interest points.

I have had most of my past work experience in customer service section. I am very social and talented at meeting new people and create contacts.

I value my intercultural experience which I have gained while living and travelling around the world. Intercultural relations is a skill that one can only learn by doing, not by studying.

I am proud of my skills of multitasking and ability to work even in the most hectic of environments. I have experience of guiding and serving more than 100 people a day and I always pursue to carry out expectations exceeding customer experience.

I am creative and visual person. I am an enthusiastic marketing material producer and always wanting to learn more. I have a good eye for image processing and layouts, but these are also skills I still have the most to learn. I am also excited to try out audiovisual marketing techniques as well as campaigns in the different social media channels.

Furthermore I love using social media as digital marketing tool and I enjoy analyzing and seeing the results of successful campaign. It is important for me personally to learn a large set of marketing skills in order to put together an impressive marketing projects.

I wish that in my job I can be creative and productive. I want to develop myself as a marketing material creator and embrace all new. That it is really, the marketing world changes at fast pace all the time and I desire to run with it. Fast!

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Wordpress

What type of person I am?

Here you can read what are my attributes as an employee and what is important to me in my life and work. You can also visit Pinterest and see my Visual CV (in Finnish) to get a deeper insight of me: https://www.pinterest.com/kslompolo/.
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Hardworking visualizer

I am passionate about work that inspires me. I am full of new ideas and trying new things excites me. I have a very precise visual eye and I’m driven by urge to carry out excellent quality work, whatever it may include. I am happy to cut it out of my free time to complete my missions.

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Fun enthusiastic and loyal co-worker

I have a good sense of humor and it makes me happy to make people smile. I get very enthusiastic about new ideas and value synergy in a working community. I am productive individual who enjoys hard work and also seeing the results of their efforts quickly.

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Reliable and flexible employee

I am an honest and reliable person. I believe in good karma and that is why I try to be kind and supportive to others. That does not mean I cannot be strict and single minded when needed, but I believe making well will bring good in the future. I am also flexible and see the importance to have goals together.

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Nature and fitness lover

I enjoy healthy life styles and outdoors, especially Finnish nature is close to my heart. I love to go to gym and train my body to be in fit shape. I love good brewed tea, dark chocolate and occasionally a glass of crisp chardonnay. In my opinion, Finnish sauna is the greatest invention on the Earth.



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Here I publish articles about my previous jobs for you to have a feel what sort of places I've seen and how I actually got my skills in tourism and marketing.

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