How to be a local TV news insert reporter with zero experience?

”We have a saying in Finland and it goes like this ”let’s throw the child in the water and see if it can swim”. On the first day in my internship in the news room of Turku TV I was handed a paper holding the contact info of the person I was supposed to interview for the news. The news of that day!”

I did manage to swim that day. And the next day. I found quickly a routine how to do this whole ”news reporter” thing. Of course I was trusted with a set of quite neutral and light subjects such as children play, EU-day, traffic park opening and so on. But I was treated like a real reporter.

The focus on my studies in Helsingin Evankelinen Opisto on Radio and TV journalism was mainly on radio work. We had done some practice filming on studio how to be a news anchor and only had done little things with camera. We also had run our own radio station for a few weeks focusing on voice an sound effects.

Now I worked with a cameraman, contacted people I wanted to interview, put together questions and after the interview opened it up and selected the pieces I wanted to use. They were only for a few minutes inserts for the news, but during my internship I really learned how much work and effort people put on those. I finished the inserts by speeching them and post-editing with the editing crew.

That was learning by doing. The way I enjoy it.