Finding your passion – Me being a marketing project manager and blogger

”How lucky one can be, when they can combine the beloved hobby and a job! I was when I got to work as marketing project manager on Naantali Theatre’s youngsters play Kadonneen Kaulakorun Arvoitus. It was inspirational time, I didn’t get any pay, the budget for the project was about 0,00 Euros but the experience of managing timetables and the whole big picture was empowering.”

I got pretty much free reigns to do what I pleased as long as it was free or really low at cost. Well, of course I didn’t have to ”invent the bike again” but had guidelines from previous projects and a team to throw around ideas. But I can take credit of conducting most of the aspects on this marketing project.

So what did I actually do? I generated ideas of the print material for marketing such as the poster of the play, the introduction page on the program among others. I also screenwrote (with help of others) a trailer for the play, arranged a location for filming, directed it and helped to post-edit it. You can see the trailer on youtube.

Especially the trailer was a production of ridiculous passion. After the filming I stayed helping to post-edit the trailer several looong nights. That is truly how I have experiences inspiration and the urge to make my visions true!

I also wrote a lot of updates to facebook and also gave backstage peeks on the Theatre’s blog. Highlight as a marketing professional for me was when I wrote a press release to newspapers and it was quoted in more than one local media.

”  I was a content producer in so many levels and channels that it is crazy! I enjoyed mastering the entity of the project and it was very fullfilling to see the results of the hard work which I was so passionate about.”