If you want to learn how to multitask, go work in a Tourist Information!

”This is the place where I’ve learned the most about customer service, office work and multitasking.
I loved my time in Naantali Tourist Information and owe lot of my personal development as productive, effective and creative employee to that great working environment”

I worked in Naantali Tourist Information as a Seasonal Visitor Advisor for summers 2011-2015. It is seasonal work as the main tourism season in Naantali, Southern Finland, is during the summer time.

My job description in Naantali Tourist Information is vast and it shows how flexible working environment it is. Everybody does about everything. My duties included but were not limited to as follows.

  • Customer service at desk, on phone and by email.
  • Updating website and posting adverts and updates to facebook.
  • I was in lead role as introducing Instagram as a new way of communication with our visitors.
  • Creating adverts and chalk board announcements of coming events.
  • Creating and selling group travel packages to the area and contacting our co-operation partners.
  • Selling and holding a reception for accommodation services around town.
  • General office work including emailing, group posting and selling tickets.

Tourist Information is a great place to learn how to work in a hectic, multitasking environment where every moment and day is different from other.

Imagine this, you open the door of the Tourist Information at 9am, Moominworld tourist attraction opens at 10am bringing you a line of ticket buyers. Before that you need to check out the emails and the upcoming guests for the accommodation for the coming night.

At the same time the phones start ringing, there are people asking when the Kultaranta gardens are open, can they buy tickets to cruises, is there accommodation available and so on. Also, lots of people are swarming in all around the world asking directions and tickets. Moomin guests are as well begin to arrive and then also tour leaders activate and call you to ask for a package later on the summer in Naantali. You start to work on that, while emails, guests and phone calls keep on firing at you.

Multitasking skills? Check!

PS. I love my time in Naantali Tourist Info above all. It is the greatest working community with amazing set of people and there the power of teamwork is really blown to action. I recommend anyone with right mindset and spirit to try out one summer in Naantali, the most beautiful summer cities of all Finland!